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''Dear Diary,

Hey! It's Chanel #2! Since, I'm up in heaven I can not even tell you everything that i love about it but i'll try!

Since Chanel exepted my apology, I was excepted into Heaven! When I got there Tiny Tim was working the front desk and he was like, "What's your name?" and i was like "Chanel #2," and he was like "Your real name! I can't except you into Heaven if you don't!" and i was like "Chanel #2" and this went on for like 3 hours until an old woman was like "Hurry your Oompa-Loompa looking' ass up!" and i was like fine! I told him my name was Sonya Katherine "Chanel #2" Herfmann and he was like "okay!" so I went down the a water slide made from cotton candy into a pool full of Banana Daiquiris and i drink it all, and it tastes SOOOOO GOOD! and then i met god and he was like "Hey #2" and i was like "heyyyyyyy" and his face was like Brad Pitt and Harry Styles and Justin Bieber and Adam Levine's morphed twin and then he gave me all the diamonds in the world. I got a mansion that was like 10X the size of the KAPPA house! and the bed felt like a cloud and it was!! I woke up and I was like, where are the dinosaurs and Jesus was like, "Right there" and i looked over and i saw the dinosaurs and i rode on them and they were so cute and scaly and i love them! ALSO TODAY: Jennifer came up to heaven and she was like where are the candles and she looked over and saw that god had made a giant candle that smelled so good and she was like "Hey Chanel #2" and i was like hey! So we started hanging out and guys what? We're BFFLS! I love everyone up here! Chanel #1, 2, 3 , 5, and 6 would LOVE IT UP HERE!!! too bad they're going to hell like Chanel #4!

XOXO -Chanel #2