List of Deaths that occured at Scream Queens : Danganronpa Edition 1.



The current state of the cast. (Chapter 1 part 2)

Remaining Practicants: 13/14

Currently Dead Practicants: 1

List of Deaths

  • Chanel #2 - SQDR1 1.2: The first victim of the attacker and the first victim in overall.Her heart was stabbed by a dagger and her body was suspended on the chandelier of Chanel's wardrobe.When Chanel was going down the stairs,the chandelier fell due to the weight of #2's body.Her body was first found by Chanel.However,she was possibly killed at Chanel's room,since there were a pool of blood on the floor of Chanel's room when she woke up,and her body was suspended on the chandelier afterwards.